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The Real Paul Archer

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For those who don’t know my brother or his story, here is a brief history of his time in boxing so far.

As an amateur everyone knew that Paul possessed fantastic Boxing skills, especially those who saw him in the gym. He would spar with people much more experienced and with a string of titles to their name and he more than held his own, he would actually better some of those lads.

Unfortunately though Paul never managed to get the rub of the green in the competitive arena.

As there are no draws in amateur boxing, and a winner must be chosen, contentious decisions are rife. Narrowly missing out on decisions became a common occurrence, but all through this time Paul was mixing it with the best around…..

Tyrone Nurse- Now a top prospect in the pro game and recently fought in prize fighter

Ronnie Heffron- ABA Champion and touted as the next Ricky Hatton by many

Phil Fury- Younger relative of the Heavyweight Tyson Fury, Phil is making a name for himself in the pro ranks also.

Stuart Buckley- England Representative and highly regarded in amateur boxing

Maxi Hughes- Also now a prospect in the pro ranks

Jeff Saunders- Brother of Olympian, Brad, and another highly regarded prospect in the amateurs, having had over 100 contests.

…..The list goes on

Paul though was growing restless in the amateurs, feeling like he was not going to reach his potential and falling on the wrong end of close decisions.

At that time I was working at a local Leisure Centre where by chance a Sky televised Boxing show was being held.

It was a Frank Maloney promotion.

For those who don’t know, Frank Maloney is a massive name in Boxing, arguably the biggest promoter in Britain alongside Frank Warren.

Having being heavily involved in boxing myself I knew all about Frank Maloney and had a huge respect for him, especially having managed one of my favorite fighters, Lennox Lewis.

At the Boxing show that night I remember watching Maloney more than whichever fight was on at that time, I couldn’t help thinking I was missing an opportunity.

What a shame Paul wasn’t there!

Then I had a light bulb moment. I rang Paul and told him to get a DVD of his last fight (against Stuart Buckley) to me ASAP!

20 or so minutes later I had the DVD in my hand, now I just had to find a way to get it to Frank Maloney, who was constantly speaking with people.

I saw a chance and darted towards him, but by the time I had reached him he’d started another conversation.

I stood awkwardly for a short while before I though “ahh stuff this!”….I tapped him on the shoulder apologizing at least three times before asking if he would mind watching the DVD of my brother who was a young amateur boxer.

Unfortunately the DVD actually featured a loss for Paul, which under questioning I thought I avoided well.

I knew that although it featured a loss, the actual performance, against an International boxer, would have to impress.

The next day Paul received a phone call from Frank Maloney and the rest is history.

He turned pro a month or so later and has began his development in the pro game under Dave Binns.

After being guided through the tricky journeymen every young boxer faces, Paul has so far passed every test he’s faced.

The reason I decided to write this wasn’t to try my hand at journalism or anything like that, it was because many of you know Paul, or know of him, but very few actually know his story, or know how he got to where he is now.

He’s came up the hard way, often having to travel in the amateurs and box people in their own backyards, with hostile crowds and he’s done that willingly. Knowing that if he wanted to get to the top he needed to take the fight to the opponent, even in instances where he was the underdog and everyone had predicted defeat for him.

He has always wanted to face the best opponents he can, to test his skills.

As the only active professional boxer from Easington, and one of only two in the whole Peterlee area he is not only fighting for himself but now, whether he likes it or not, he is inspiring the next generation.

A generation that round these parts turns to crime and alcohol as they feel like achieving anything is impossible.

There’s a bright future ahead for Paul and like his amateur career I’m sure he wont take the easy route. Wherever Boxing takes him it promises to be an exciting ride and I for one will be alongside the whole way.


In todays Health and Fitness Industry the market is very crowded, there are masses of trainers and gyms offering their own version of programmes, which can make it difficult for you, the customer to know to choose where to put your trust…and hard earned money.

It is for this reason that I have created this guide to help  you know what to look for when choosing a trainer or programme.

This guide is not intended to advertise my own company or generate custom, it is simply a tool for you to use to help you get the most for your money and get the best results possible, wherever you live and whatever your goals.

“A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one”
Henry Ford

As Henry Ford stated in the above quote, markets can become saturated very quickly. Whilst this may seem like a pain it can actually work in your favour.
In todays world, in any business, the philosophy should be “What can we as a business do for you?” not the other way around, as I see in so many of my daily transactions.

Without you, the customer, a business cannot exist…you hold the power.

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”
Henry Ford (again)

If your chosen company aren’t going the extra mile for you and then you are missing out.

So what should you consider when choosing a gym/trainer/programme?…

1/ Your Goals

What are your goals and do they match the programme you are considering?

2/ How do you know it works?

Is there proof that you can achieve your goals with this programme? Have others achieved their goals?

“You cannot build a reputation on what you are about to do”
Henry Ford (and again…The man spoke sense)

3/Do they offer a guarantee?
If a programme works then there should be no worries offering a money back guarantee.

4/Is there an opportunity to try before you buy?
Is there a free taster session that you can attend to see how you like the people, the atmosphere and the training style?

5/ Research/science based programme
Is the programme backed by studies. The most effective programmes will have their foundations backed by research proving the effectiveness of the methods.

6/Is the programme realistic for you?
If you are asked to exercise 5-6 times per week but you struggle for time then this may not be the best option.

7/Can customers leave feedback, both positive and negative, via a public domain, for example Facebook?
If open, honest, uncensored feedback cannot be viewed publicly then you should ask why..

8/ How do they interact with customers?

As mentioned above, today we live in a world where the customer rules…. although most businesses are yet to realize this. If you aren’t receiving fantastic customer service then my advice is spend your money elsewhere.

You are in control of whom you give your hard earned cash to!

9/How much support will you get?
Does the programme assist you every step of the way or are you left to your own devices?

10/Proof of Knowledge
Are there articles written by the trainer that you can read to assess knowledge and get a feel for their attitudes and coaching style.

11/How do they treat people no longer/not paying them?
Do they offer a level of assistance free of charge as they care, or are they simply chasing money?

Is there any incentive or level of accountability to help you achieve your goals? If not then what happens if you decide to quit when it gets difficult?

To summarise, this is not aimed at advertising my own company or criticizing any others.
You may join us or you may join someone else, either way, if in some small way reading this guide helps you to make a more informed decision, you will in turn get better results and that will make writing this worthwhile for me.

Don’t forget, you are the customer, you have the power and any business could not exist without you….

Equipment- Gymboss Timer or Download a Workout Timer App

15 seconds- Squats

15 seconds rest

15 seconds- High Knees Sprinting on the Spot

15 seconds rest

Repeat until you have completed 5 sets of each exercise.
Exercises should be performed as fast as you can whilst maintaining correct technique, work as hard as you can for the 15 second burst!

This workout may seem easy but if you work hard enough you will send your metabolism through the roof for the rest of the day.

*Always warm up prior to exercise