Workout of The Day in 10 Minutes or Under…

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Equipment- Gymboss Timer or Download a Workout Timer App

15 seconds- Squats

15 seconds rest

15 seconds- High Knees Sprinting on the Spot

15 seconds rest

Repeat until you have completed 5 sets of each exercise.
Exercises should be performed as fast as you can whilst maintaining correct technique, work as hard as you can for the 15 second burst!

This workout may seem easy but if you work hard enough you will send your metabolism through the roof for the rest of the day.

*Always warm up prior to exercise


  1. Michelle mcleN says:

    Started doing this for a home workout today. Turned into my very own mash up of bushido workouts!!! Think it did the trick x

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