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I’m not too far from my 26th birthday, which scares me a little – time goes too fast. But, I’d like to think I’m at an age where I know myself, I’m happy with who I am, what I’m about & I have more body confidence now than I ever did at 17 (when I actually weighed much less than I do now!)

The obsession with looking like Cheryl Cole, being a particular size, weight, etc – have all gone. Well maybe not the Cheryl Cole part – but I’ve at least come to accept its not going to happen 



In younger years I’ve followed strict nutrition plans & diets. I’ve under-eat, over-eat, cooked my meals days in advance and carried them around with me, over-trained.. I became obsessed. – It’s not a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. It’s just obsessed – I could go on & on. You know the drill.

I was miserable. 

None of the above worked. Not only because they’re not healthy, but because they’re not sustainable. 

I realised anything that was a major hassle, or that didn’t actually make me happy, was never going to get me the results I was hoping for. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals here. I’m saying they should be realistic. Im saying your diet & exercise programme should be an enjoyable addition to your life. Not an added stress. Lets face it, we all have enough of those!

So, when the penny finally dropped, what did I do?

I scrapped the Atkins, the 1200 calorie a day nonsense, Paleo. 

I started to think about what would make me happy & how I could fit those things into a schedule that would work for me;

Take-away every weekend. 3 training days a week. Chocolate most days. To be able to eat out regularly without going off track (& without having to order chicken salad)! 

I manage, every week, to include all of those things into my schedule & still lose weight. & get this – I’m happy!

Now I see ‘fitness professionals’ staring at their screens saying ‘she hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about’. 

To the contrary actually.

Life’s short. 

Diet & exercise should be an enjoyable, stress-free, aspect of your life.