A call to people who have struggled to lose weight…..

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

This is a call to people, male and female, who have struggled to lose weight despite numerous attempts.

People who are finally ready and willing to change their habits and consequently, their health and their body!

We all start out with the will in the world, yet life gets in the way.

We take the kids to school, we go to work, we pick the kids up from school, we finish the housework and chores….bottom of that list is time to look after ourselves and feel great in our own skin.

Life gets in the way and it feels impossible and pointless even trying.

We have all experienced this and I have seen it time and time again in numerous clients.

We’ve all tried to find the solution..

You find a training partner?

They let you down, they have responsibilities too and again life gets in the way.

You attend a fitness class?

Things are going great until one night you are too tired to go, youll just miss tonight and be back again next session? Next session becomes next month, then next year and before you know it you haven’t gone back.

You find a personal trainer?

Great, they work you hard in the gym but you feel like you waste your money by undoing your work in the kitchen?

Online coaching?

We’ve all tried it and ignored the emails from the coach when we’ve had a bad weekend right?

From years of study and experience we have developed a solution.

A solution that can prove invaluable to your success and simply cannot be matched by either competitors or individuals hoping to go it alone.

The simplicity of our programme hides the complexity of calculations, planning and thought behind it.

We’ve done the complicated background work to create a fantastic programme that you simply follow as directed to achieve brilliant results.

It’s a kind of “paint by numbers” programme that cannot fail with the right attitude.

We tell you exactly what to eat, no more calculating, overthinking or confusion. Just dozens of fantastic, nutritious meals.

Like these…


We design the workouts to suit your fitness level and achieve maximum fat loss. You simply turn up to our motivated group and give 100% in the 3, 60 minute workouts each week.

We track your weekly progress for you.

We provide accountability and that “training partner” you wanted to help keep you motivated.

Following our work with hundreds of clients we have gotten pretty good at eliminating all of the leg work, allowing you to simply follow the plan and lose weight, whilst you get on with all of those daily tasks that we all face as part of our busy lives.

So why should you listen to us?

With vast experience from our four coaches we have helped hundreds of people lose weight, get lean and feel great.

Years of study through University and beyond, working with and learning from some of the best fat loss experts on the planet, as well as being the port of call for other trainers who want to get in shape and improve their knowledge, we are hugely confident in our programme.

As our results show..


For the equivalent of £2.85 per day you will;

– Meet likeminded, motivated people

– Receive a fat loss nutrition plan specific to you containing convenient recipes

– Attend 12 exciting workouts with our trainers that will maximize fat loss

– Feel great

– Lose weight

– Have more energy to complete your daily tasks

– Be more confident

– Have unlimited access to four fat loss coaches every day for four weeks plus

We regularly assess the competition and improve our services, we will not be beaten on quality, experience or results.


If you are seriously ready to change your habits, health and body then we will provide the knowledge, support and guidance you need.

(As our members will confirm) http://bushidofitnessblog.com/2014/03/10/bushido-fitness-testimonial-stacey/

As mentioned all of the above costs as little as £2.85 per day, less than a coffee at most coffee shops.

£80 is our price for initial sign up, we are confident no one can rival our programme at that price.

Subsequent membership price (to reward loyal customers) falls to £60.

This is face to face coaching, we see you, we get to know you and we help you achieve your goals.

However because of this, spaces are limited.

We have a number of groups available to suit all needs, be it attending before the kids wake up or enjoying a workout after work, including a specific beginners group.

Many people worry that they may be too unfit, you haven’t exercised in a while? Nervous?

That’s perfectly normal, in fact that is exactly why we created our beginners group, “Worrier to Warrior”.

– 6am Group
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

– 9.30am Group

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

-6pm Group

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

-7.15pm Group

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

– Worrier to Warrior (Beginners group)
7-8pm Tuesday & Thursday

7-8am Saturday

Again, we treat you as a person, not a number, for this reason spaces are limited and sign up for our next start date (26th May) has already begun.

To join our motivated group contact us via


or via our Facebook page



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