Top 5 Diet Treats

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Top 5 Diet Treats

Hopefully you are already aware that a “Lifestyle change” is much more successful that a “diet” and that treats can be included without sacrificing results.

Even so, often the foods we enjoy can be highly calorific and it can be difficult to fit into our diet.

Sometimes the feeling of restriction can magnify cravings until you cant function until you have a sugar hit.

There are some hidden gems that can assist however in adding taste to meals without sabotaging results.

5- Dark Chocolate

Anything 70% cocoa and above will reap much more health benefits than its highly processed counterpart.
A good source of Antioxidants aswell as links to lowered blood pressure, it can also act as a natural anti depressant and improve mood and reduce cravings.
A square or two of this should stop you raiding the biscuit cupboard.

4- Almond Butter

Although relatively high calorie Almond butter is full of “good” fats and is guaranteed to put a dampener on any sweet cravings you may have.
Try it spread on sliced apple or mixed with chocolate protein powder with a dash of water for a thick chocolate desert.

3- Zero calorie coffee syrups

Although the “Calorie free” label is up for debate, these do contain minimal calories and can make a huge difference for your taste buds when on a calorie restricted nutrition plan.
There are numerous varieties including Jordans Skinny Syrups, which can be found in some TK Maxx stores or online.

2- Zero Syrups

Available online from The Protein Works, this product can be used on porridge, pancakes, yoghurt and will dramatically improve the taste of your meals without the extra calories. Exactly what you want when looking to drop body fat and lose weight!

1- Stevia

For those with a sweet tooth this can be a lifesaver when giving up sugar. Stevia is a natural plant extract which not only contains a fraction of the calories of sugar, but is also massively sweeter gram for gram and does not have the same effect on insulin within the body.

Swap it for sugar in your coffee or recipes and you’ll be much more likely to stick to your nutrition plan and achieve great results.



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