Sample Diet Plan

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Sample 1 Day Nutrition Plan

The following plan is designed for individuals weighing between 180-200lbs who also exercise for 3 hours per week.

It’s a myth or the sign of a poor nutrition plan that says you must eat plain, bland food in order to lose weight.



Almond Porridge

Made with water

80g Scotts Porage Oats

10g Almond butter

20g Crushed Almonds




Pizza turkey and chips

200g Turkey (Uncooked weight)

20g Asda Double Concentrate Tomato Puree

50g Asda chosen for you 30% less fat, medium British Cheese

30g Red onion

20g Red pepper

200g Sweet potato sliced into chips

5g olive oil
Dash of Paprika, sea salt and pepper

Serve with handful of lettuce or spinach





Chicken and Broccoli with a twist

200g Broccoli (uncooked weight)

50g Apetina Light Feta Cheese 10% fat

50g Asda chosen by you sun dried tomatoes

200g Chicken (uncooked weight)

100g Sweet potato sliced into chips

5g olive oil
Dash of Paprika, sea salt and pepper





Chocolate Almond Pudding

40g Meridian Almond Butter

25g MyProtein Impact Whey

Stevia if needed



Add protein powder to Almond butter and stir whilst slowly drizzling water into the mix a small amount at a time. Stop when it reaches a thick consistency and ready to eat.


Recipes such as those in this sample Nutrition Plan are added regularly for our members, who have a great selection of nutritious, tasty recipes each day to help them lose weight and get lean.

Please let us know what you thought of our recipes if you decide to try them and any other feedback via our Facebook Page



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