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Melissa’s Testimonial

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How did you feel prior to joining Fat Loss Academy?

To be completely honest I was not the bothered about joining up to Bushido Fitness.
My friend Jayne wanted to join and told me about it and before I knew it we were joining the next morning. I didn’t really know what to expect. I have in the past done different celebrity fitness DVD’s including Insanity but only really stuck to them a couple of weeks, and not putting 100% into the routines. I had lost just over 1 1/2 stone in a year on Slimming World, I had a ‘jelly belly’ but thought to myself ”I’ve had 3 children, I’m never going to have a flat tummy and tone up”.

What were your fears/worries?

My biggest fears were that I was SOOOO unfit and didn’t like exercise. Yes I run around after 3 children, but that was pretty much it. In the past when I have done DVD’s in the house, as soon as I got a little bit sweaty I would slow down as I didn’t like to sweat.

What helped allay those fears?

I would say starting Bushido with my friend Jayne helped, I wasn’t walking in on my own not knowing anyone. However from the first session I was greeted with a warm, friendly welcome. I have never felt judged or felt the odd one out.
I always expected people to ‘stare’ at the new ones and the unfit ones. I couldn’t be further from my own thoughts, everyone was friendly!
During the session you don’t have time to look and stare, you work together and support each other in some of the sessions. Also if you’re not doing and exercise quite right you will be shown how to do it, or if you can’t do an exercise for whatever reason Amie, Paul, Gemma and Ian will adapt it for you straight away.

Again you are not made to feel ‘different’ because of this.

Which parts of yourself, physical or otherwise, were you hoping to change through Fat Loss Academy?

I was hoping to tone my mummy tummy, but after having 3 babies I had torn my stomach muscles by 6cm… I was NEVER going to have a toned flat tummy.
I also broke both of my wrists, which I had to have surgery, although it was 11 years ago they were still quite weak. Like I’ve said, I have done DVD’s in the past, don’t like sweating, don’t like exercise so didn’t really expect much if I am completely honest as I have never really put 100% into it. I only joined Bushido because I was talked into it from my friend.

How do you feel about yourself now?

Now… I have to say a HUGE thank you to my friend Jayne for talking me into joining Bushido. After my first ever session of Snooker Loopy (so may squats) I didn’t think I would go back, for someone not used to exercising, my legs… OUCH It was so painful going up and down the stairs, even getting in the car. Two days of pain! However I still went to the next session, which stretched out the muscles and I felt much better, not aching as much as I did the first session.

I have only done it for 2 months. The first month I think I only lost about 3lb, some people were loosing lb.’s in double figures, so at the end of the camp I got a huge shock when I saw my before and after pictures, yes my clothes felt a bit bigger but I never expected to see the difference I saw. The second month again was a little weight loss, maybe 1 or 2lb the 3 weeks I done the camp (I was going away so missed the 4th week). I was so happy with the difference in my first photo and again with the second month I had a little weight loss I didn’t expect to see much difference.

AGAIN how I was wrong!

I thought my mummy tummy looked flat after my first month but the second month it was even flatter and starting to tone.

My body now has a figure.

After second camp I went away for 4 weeks… this was a huge test to carry on with exercise or just stop. Which I could of quite easily done, however due to my new love of exercise I went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week doing cardio and weight for at least an hour.
I kept in touch with the group during this time so I didn’t loose my motivation.

Now I would say Bushido is like a drug, once you start its easily to become addicted (not in a bad way), its not a fad diet where you have to starve yourself and replace meals for shakes. You eat 3 meals a day, including snacks, its just a healthy lifestyle change introducing exercise and delicious food.

You get the Bushido Bug!

Its exciting when a new routine comes out as nothing is gave away other than the title which may give a hint what to expect.

I’ve not lost much weight doing it, but just adding 3 hours of exercise a week to my life has made a huge difference to my appearance and confidence.

What would you say to someone considering signing up?

I would definitely recommend Bushido, and have recommended some people to join who have and are loving their results.

How much weight have you lost?

4 or 5 lb

What has been your favourite positive comment from someone regarding your weight loss since joining?

People commenting on how well I look and they wouldn’t of thought I had 3 small children.
I keep getting told “I am loosing too much weight” when in fact I am not really loosing any weight just toning up loose muscle and burning fat.