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Sample 1 Day Nutrition Plan

The following plan is designed for individuals weighing between 180-200lbs who also exercise for 3 hours per week.

It’s a myth or the sign of a poor nutrition plan that says you must eat plain, bland food in order to lose weight.



Almond Porridge

Made with water

80g Scotts Porage Oats

10g Almond butter

20g Crushed Almonds




Pizza turkey and chips

200g Turkey (Uncooked weight)

20g Asda Double Concentrate Tomato Puree

50g Asda chosen for you 30% less fat, medium British Cheese

30g Red onion

20g Red pepper

200g Sweet potato sliced into chips

5g olive oil
Dash of Paprika, sea salt and pepper

Serve with handful of lettuce or spinach





Chicken and Broccoli with a twist

200g Broccoli (uncooked weight)

50g Apetina Light Feta Cheese 10% fat

50g Asda chosen by you sun dried tomatoes

200g Chicken (uncooked weight)

100g Sweet potato sliced into chips

5g olive oil
Dash of Paprika, sea salt and pepper





Chocolate Almond Pudding

40g Meridian Almond Butter

25g MyProtein Impact Whey

Stevia if needed



Add protein powder to Almond butter and stir whilst slowly drizzling water into the mix a small amount at a time. Stop when it reaches a thick consistency and ready to eat.


Recipes such as those in this sample Nutrition Plan are added regularly for our members, who have a great selection of nutritious, tasty recipes each day to help them lose weight and get lean.

Please let us know what you thought of our recipes if you decide to try them and any other feedback via our Facebook Page



Top 5 Diet Treats

Hopefully you are already aware that a “Lifestyle change” is much more successful that a “diet” and that treats can be included without sacrificing results.

Even so, often the foods we enjoy can be highly calorific and it can be difficult to fit into our diet.

Sometimes the feeling of restriction can magnify cravings until you cant function until you have a sugar hit.

There are some hidden gems that can assist however in adding taste to meals without sabotaging results.

5- Dark Chocolate

Anything 70% cocoa and above will reap much more health benefits than its highly processed counterpart.
A good source of Antioxidants aswell as links to lowered blood pressure, it can also act as a natural anti depressant and improve mood and reduce cravings.
A square or two of this should stop you raiding the biscuit cupboard.

4- Almond Butter

Although relatively high calorie Almond butter is full of “good” fats and is guaranteed to put a dampener on any sweet cravings you may have.
Try it spread on sliced apple or mixed with chocolate protein powder with a dash of water for a thick chocolate desert.

3- Zero calorie coffee syrups

Although the “Calorie free” label is up for debate, these do contain minimal calories and can make a huge difference for your taste buds when on a calorie restricted nutrition plan.
There are numerous varieties including Jordans Skinny Syrups, which can be found in some TK Maxx stores or online.

2- Zero Syrups

Available online from The Protein Works, this product can be used on porridge, pancakes, yoghurt and will dramatically improve the taste of your meals without the extra calories. Exactly what you want when looking to drop body fat and lose weight!

1- Stevia

For those with a sweet tooth this can be a lifesaver when giving up sugar. Stevia is a natural plant extract which not only contains a fraction of the calories of sugar, but is also massively sweeter gram for gram and does not have the same effect on insulin within the body.

Swap it for sugar in your coffee or recipes and you’ll be much more likely to stick to your nutrition plan and achieve great results.


Realistic Goal Setting

The human body requires certain micronutrients for overall health, digestion, immune system, repair etc.
As a guideline, it is widely agreed that consuming any fewer than 1200kcals daily over a prolonged period, can cause a lack of important micronutrients and in turn result in health issues.

Therefore it is advised to stay away from “crash diets” and such like, that encourage severe under eating.

The issue now then, is that a petite person has a lower BMR than that of a severely overweight individual.

Bearing in mind that a 3500kcal deficit will bring about around 1lb weight loss it is plain to see that it is far easier to safely create that deficit with the larger individual than the smaller.
In fact severely overweight persons can often create larger calorie deficits and therefore lose more weight/body fat safely, without under eating and putting themselves at risk.

The smaller folk, who have a lower BMR and therefore fewer calories with which to work with, should work with a smaller deficit and in turn should expect slower weight loss, with importance on maintaining precious muscle tissue.

Below is an example of what can safely and effectively be achieved by various body types.

Body Type

Weekly Decrease Lbs/Kgs



Moderately Overweight






Very Lean



Alan Aragon Research Review, November 2008

Healthy Body Fat Level Guidelines





Kyle UG, et al. Nutrition. 2003 July-Aug;19(7-8):597-604

As demonstrated above, achieving successful and sustainable fat loss requires patience and perseverance.
Depending on your starting point it could take weeks, months or even years to reach your target. You will almost certainly suffer frustrations and set backs along the way.

It is important not to focus solely on the end result and instead enjoy the process or the journey, as you awake each morning feeling leaner and more in control of your body than the previous day.

Plateaus or stalls in weight loss are to be expected.

As body weight reduces over time, so too does BMR, meaning your calorie deficit decreases and in turn weight loss slows. Following successive weeks of a plateau and if there is still significant body fat to lose, it may be necessary to slightly reduce calories and again monitor weight in the following weeks.

As you achieve body fat levels on the lower end of the scale progress will slow, attempting to rush this process can reduce in muscle loss and/or a rebound in the form of binge eating.

Initially in a programme, progress will likely be made quicker than described previously.

Depending how good or bad your diet has been prior to commencing the plan, water weight will be lost along with fat during the first week or two.

This rate of weight loss will not continue and will reach the rates mentioned previously.

Factors in long term weight maintenance 

  • Social support
  • Greater initial weight loss
  • Reduced frequency of snacks
  • Flexible control over intake
  • Self monitoring
  • Coping capacity to handle cravings and apply restraint
  • More confidence and proactivity
  • Stable lifestyle

Elfhag K, Rossner S. Obes Rev. 2005 Feb;6(1):67-85



Accountability can be an intimidating prospect.

Used the correct way however it can dramatically improve performance, output or results in any given field.

It works both ways too, everyone has a better chance of reaching their goals with a good accountability process in place.

As part of improvements weve made to Bushido Fitness, weve even took the step of holding ourselves accountable.

You know that feeling when you phone your bank or a large business to make a complaint, and you’re passed from one person to the next.

You cant get your hands on the person responsible.

No one will take responsibility and you cant hold anyone accountable.

Well with the aim of combating this aswell as giving you all an improved more personal experience on camp, we decided to split the group into smaller groups for each coach to work with.

This now keeps us accountable for our own groups.

This ultimately means that if we don’t do our job, we are accountable.

This has a knock on effect on the programme and means that your coach is now directly responsible for helping you achieve your goals.

Our job is a tricky one since once you’ve paid us, you are not only involved but are vital in producing the end product.

We each take our profession very seriously, it took years of study and tens of thousands of pounds to get here.

If you take your car to a garage you expect a professional job to correct the problem.

You then pick the car up and the job is complete.

When ordering something online, you pay and it lands at your door.

With us however, once you pay for our service/result, that is just the beginning.

For us to complete our work in the way that you, and we expect, we require you’re effort.

You play a huge part in our job.

Just as a good mechanic would never dream of taking your money and not fixing your car (although I’m sure there’s plenty who would), we would never dream of taking payment and not doing our utmost to help you achieve your goals.



From experience of coaching thousands of clients though, we know that the process is a challenging one.

Motivation will dwindle.

You’ll ask yourself why you signed up or wonder if you really want the results you’ve asked for.

At this point you will make one of two decisions,

a) you’ll decide you DO want the results and you’ll continue making progress.

b) You’ll decide you DON’T want the results bad enough and will drop out. Until a few days or weeks down the line, when you’ve remember why you wanted change in the first place and decide to make a change again.


We understand this process and have seen it time and time again.

Those who choose option B, will reach that same point again, each and every time they want to change their body.

It will happen, reaching that point is part of the process, but until the day comes when you choose A and work past that, you will be stuck in the same repetitive cycle.

To cut a long story short, this is why we hold you accountable.

You asked us if we could help, probably because you knew you needed assistance to work through this exact problem, and that’s what we aim to do.

It may seem like were being a pain in the neck or hassling you but we know the pitfalls, we can see the warning signs when someone is making progress and when someone is facing a motivation crisis.

Those moments are exactly why you pay us, its our job to help keep you on track and moving towards your goals.

Remember, we ourselves are accountable if we don’t.

For those who really want results this is a great move, we will help you achieve them.

For others it may still be intimidating, but that’s the whole essence of accountability.

There has to be some kind of fear or consequence that helps keep you making progress.

If you feel you are happy and are already at your goal then that is fine, well done.

A conversation with your coach will adapt your goals and create a new focus.

For those that really want change though this should fill you with confidence, although it can be scary, you can trust that we will help to get where you want to be. 



How did you feel prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

Unfit, Down in the dumps , Anxious..

What fears did you have when initially considering joining?

That I wasnt going to be as fit and as fast as the others. I was also worried that I was going to look silly . I was also conscious of my weight and how I would look to others.

What helped to allay those fears?

The fantastic support and friendliness at Bushido. Everyone spurs you on, We all have to start somewhere and they have all been where I was.

What eventually triggered you to take action?

It was either get fitter or get fatter. I was not going to do the latter.

During your time with us, how much weight have you lost and what other changes have you noticed?

17lbs in total but 2 dress sizes down so far

How have you found our diet and exercise programme?

I found it hard at first , But its like everything thats new, You just need to get used to the new routine. I love the diet now. I feel so much healthier for it. Training is never easy but its not supposed to be. Im faster and fitter now and I dont need as many toilet breaks for a breather

What would you say to others thinking of joining?

DO IT !!!..Best decision I have ever made and im not looking back :).

Finally, what do you think seperates Bushido Fitness from other classes/diets?

The fantastic support 24\7, Our trainers , Tips on what to eat, Photos , Weigh ins , Unique training each session. The list is endless..


How did you feel prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

I was very unfit and over weight. Felt like I looked pregnant didn’t have any energy at all.

What fears did you have when initially considering joining?

I was scared about exercising and worried I wouldnt be able to do a lot because I have back problems. Also I thought everyone would already be really thin and fit makihg me feel a bit intimidated.

What helped to allay those fears?

I joined the Worrier to Warrior group which is aimed at people with the same fears as myself. The first day meeting the group I quickly realised everyone was in the same boat and the class is full of all different ages and abilities.

What eventually triggered you to take action?

My sister was diagnosed with diabetes and when I went for a routine doctors appointment was told that the size of my waist meant I was in the high risk category for diabetes.

During your time with Bushido Fitness, how much weight have you lost and what other changes have you noticed?

I have lost 16 1/2 lb and gone down 2 dress sizes. I am fitter now than I ever have been in my life, I actually can’t wait to go on holiday with my husband a wear a bikini to show my body off!!! I have loads more energy now and look forward to each training session.

How have you found our diet and exercise programme?

I love the exercise programme as it is so varied so you don’t get bored. I have just started calorie counting and find it really easy to work into my everyday life.

What would you say to others thinking of joining?

I would say go for it the only thing you have got to lose is fat and inches, I wish I had done it sooner than I did.

Finally, what do you think separates Bushido Fitness from other classes/diets?

Bushido is brilliant every camp is varied you never do the same training session twice in the 4 weeks of camp. There is so much support from all of the members whether it be with food, exercise or you are feeling a bit fed up. I love being part of the bushido family!


How did you feel prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

I felt like I was doing my bit to keep myself in shape, going to the gym two to three times a week, also playing footy

What fears did you have when initially considering joining?

The fears I had was joining a group of people who were of a different fitness level,and not being able to keep up

What helped to allay those fears?

When i arrived to take “before” photos I was put at ease from the outset. Then from every workout onwards I was encouraged constantly and could find help on the group forum 24/7

What eventually triggered you to take action?

My trigger was the fact I was drinking too much and knew I needed to change and Bushido Fitness has totally done this.

During your time with Bushido Fitness how much weight have you lost and what other changes have you noticed?

I have lost 18lbs and I feel my body has had a dramatic change for the better

How have you found our diet and exercise programme?

Its been great, easy to follow, really flexible and great results

What would you say to others thinking of joining?

Do it! Best thing ever, you think you’re fit now try Bushido Fitness and test yourself

Finally, what do you think seperates Bushido Fitness from other classes/diets?

The support and the encouragement from the trainers and everyone one on the page is awesome and spurs you on